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Compressed Air Equipment™ is the industry leader in servicing industrial air compressor equipment in the Greater Philadelphia Region. We respond to your needs right away and offer 24 hour emergency service. After four decades we have grown to provide service for 3000+ industrial businesses throughout NJ, PA, DE, and MD. We service all major brands including, Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Ingersoll Rand, Quincy, SullAir, CompAir, Chicago Pneumatic, Gardner Denver, Mattei, FS Curtis, Kaishan, and more.

Air Compressor Equipment

Compressed Air Equipment

The Air Compressor industry has changed dramatically over the last five years. Sadly, almost ALL of the major name brand compressor manufacturers have cheapened their products to an unbelievable low.  They’re designed to be efficient on paper with innovative technology and designs, but unfortunately with total disregard to build quality, reliability, and longevity.  Exclusively, Compressed Air Equipment now has the solution to this problem.

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