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ALMiG Air Compressor Service and Repair - 24 Hours

We are the premier ALMiG Air Compressor Service and Repair Experts in the Philadelphia Region, including New Jersey and Delaware. Our 40+ years in the industry, coupled with the 3000+ clients we have serviced, along with our team of industry experts means we have the Experience, Trust, and Knowledge you can depend on.  We do whatever it takes to get you up and running during emergencies, responding the same day and offering 24-hour emergency service.  Whether you need dependable on-going preventative maintenance or your plant is down and need service fast, we got you covered!  ALMiG

We Retain our customers because we give them treatment they've never seen before”

Adam Pettit – CAE President 


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“The compressed air industry is an industry that people don’t ever consider and don’t ever think about.  Everything around us comes from the use of an air compressor in a manufacturing facility!”   -Adam Pettit-


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